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This is the history of the Boss Award as told by Jim "Cosmo" Hetzer.

I was approached by Eric Bradshaw to present an award to Ruth at the NYC con for all she did proofing sites etc... I think Bruce Cutter printed the plaques up to 2000. I took over in 2008. (A sample of the current plaques is located here). Since this is an award for the whole community, I guess I should clarify a little. Currently, I print the plaques. They are funded by money from individual contributions from past winners. I designed the plaques. The original ones came with a paper 8x11 framed certificate.

To be considered for a plaque you must be present that the con. The award will be presented (when possible) by the previous winner. In all cases but one, you will receive the award at the convention. You don't have to be well liked in the community to win. You just need the majority vote from the committee.

Although it seems like it, throwing a con will not get you an award. It is a TOTAL coincidence that 3 of the last 5 have been awarded at their own con. Mina broke that trend. There are MANY people nominated. And then the list gets smaller and smaller. Fast. Sometimes people disagree. But it always works out. I (Cosmo) send all the emails regarding status etc... I've never had to break up a fight. When it comes to Rocky everyone of these previous winners are total professionals. And I will tell you... I am honored to email these people and discuss Rocky with them. And a nomination from them is a huge fucking honor. These people have 200+ years experience in Rocky.