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  • Who won the last one?
    in March 2014, Roy Rossi from RKO Army in Rhode Island

  • Why do they seem to favor the east coast?
    This question was posed to me (Cosmo) on June 3rd of 2012. They don't. Look at all the previous winners;
    Ruth Fink-Winter - Iowa (Midwest)
    Bruce Cutter - Chicago, IL (Midwest)
    Jim Hetzer - Cincinnati, Ohio (Midwest)
    Bill Brennan - New York (East)
    Stephanie Freeman - England
    David Freeman - England
    Larry Viezel - New Jersey (East)
    Sal Piro - New York (East)
    Megan Tabor - LasVegas, NV (West)
    Shawn Stutler - New Jersey and Indiana (East & Midwest)
    Kevin Boycik - Cleveland, Ohio (Midwest)
    Fester - Indiana (Midwest)
    Bernie Bregman - California (West)
    Mina Smith - Texas (South)
    jefF Nurkiewicz - Chicago, IL (Midwest)
    Jaimie Froemming - California (West)
    Roy Rossi - Providence, Rhode Island (East)

    And of all of the winners, Bruce, Cosmo, Larry, Kevin, and Mina all won based on something online. They could have been located anywhere. So I think this proves it's not an East Coast thing. If anything it's a Midwest thing.

  • Who has won in the past?
    Here is a list.

  • How do I nominate someone?
    Here is a link.

  • Why?
    Why not? People like to be acknowledged for their achievements.

  • Has anyone ever declined a Boss Award?
    Not yet.

  • Do you have to be present to win one?
    Excluding Fester, yes you have to be present to win.

  • I am pretty much hated in the community. Can I win?
    It's possible. Some of the previous winners are not very well liked :-).    Let's say you were a miserable person
    but you did hit Adam Clarke with a car, you may have a chance. That's a joke.